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Buy a car from ATARA MOTORS in 4 Easy Steps

ATARA is one of the leading automobile trading company whose headquarter is located in Osaka, Japan. Each and every automobile in our great inventory is purchased after careful appraisal and inspection in Japan. so any automobile that we have can be your best choice. Once a customer buys our automobile, it is sent to the customer in the shortest time possible through our smooth and prompt procedures.


Get a free invoice and order the vehicle.

Request an invoice for any used car from our stock or live auction it is free and easy.
Input your details and we will email you an invoice within one hour time.
If you decide to purchase, contact us so that we can reserve the vehicle for you before someone else buy it.


Complete the payment.

Complete the payment by Bank Telegraphic Transfer,online payment, paypal from any bank.
After you have completed the payment please send us a copy of Telegraphic Transfer copy as proof of payment.
When the payment is here, we will email you a confirmation.


Your vehicle is shipped

After receiving the 100% payment or 50% we will immediately begin the export arrangements for the first vessel available.
You can follow the status of your shipment by accessing your account page, at any time.
We will send the documents to you or your agent by DHL courier a few days after the vessel leaves Japan.


Collect your vehicle

Once you receive the documents, you can begin arranging collection and registration in your country of the vehicle.
A clearing agent can help you to complete the procedure and give you an indication on the fee and taxes to be paid.
Complete the procedures and drive your vehicle away!