1. The shipping deposit must be paid in 3 weeks’ time from buying date. If for any reason it’s not paid then any of your available funds in Atara Motors shall be allocated on the above units. Even if any of your previous purchased vehicles arrived at the destination port and there is an outstanding balance or yet to be surrendered.
    We will allocate any incoming payments to the unpaid/unshipped vehicles first if there are any purchases which have crossed the 3 weeks shipping deposit time frame.
  1. If shipping deposit is not received in Atara Motors account for 3 weeks from the purchased date, then it will automatically result in 10,000Yen or US$100 as Yard Fee on top of sold price.
  1. If any of your purchased vehicles arrived at your destination Port and is not paid fully for 20 days after arrival date then we have the right to Resale it, and if in case we are not able to Resale then we will request to concerned departments of destination country to seize the vehicle after 35 days of arrival, we may not be able to extend these deadlines for any reasons.
  1. Atara Motors will not release or Surrender documents for any vehicles based on wire slip, as we can only do it after receiving the complete outstanding remittance confirmation from our Bank.
  1. Customers are requested to pay all the Banking charges from their end, as any shortage occurred will delay in documents processing.
  1. Atara Motors may not be responsible for any damages or loss of vehicles occurred due to Natural Hazards or Force Majeure. But you can request for Insurance Packages as it costs depending upon the size and valuation of the vehicle.
  1. If you request a refund for any of your account balance, Atara Motors may only refund to the Original Bank Account from where we have received funds.

If you want to cancel any of the purchases then it should be requested at least before a week of departure date. Cancellation penalty shall be charged according to your purchased vehicle price, plus Yard Fee and other miscellaneous charges will be added depending on the valuation and size/make of the vehicle.